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A helpful resource of "What's New" articles, stories, and reports from a wide variety of organizational and media sources...



  • Fresh Designs for Boomers
    Tempered by new realities following the Great Recession, the nation’s 78-million Baby Boomers are once again primed to challenge the establishment.
  • Aging-in-Place
    Baby Boomers' Influence on HomeModifications Helps All Generations.





  • Why Do We Need Age-Friendly Communities?
    A fast-growing, interdisciplinary approach to community development that strives to promote aging in place and make communities great places to grow up and grow old. 



  • Preventing Falls in Old Åge is Essential
    Guidelines from the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) provide solid, research-backed advice for how to treat falls and, perhaps of greater importance, how to avoid them in the first place.
  • The Big Population Debate
    Research shows that challenges faced by older workers are shared by younger colleagues in modern open plan offices.
  • Why Do We Need Age-Friendly Communities?
    A fast-growing, interdisciplinary approach to community development that strives to promote aging in place and make communities great places to grow up and grow old. 

  • Boomers Reinvent Home Remodeling
    Remodeling homes for baby boomers is one of the biggest trends in the home industry today. The building industry is reinventing building techniques that incorporatedesign.
  • How "Aging-in-place" Villas Have Matured
    Support services to help older residents remain in their homes grew into the nation's first "village" program that has now come to be known as "aging in place."
  • All-in-the-Family Homes
    As more American families choose to live with multiple generations under one roof -- builders are responding with new designs that go beyond traditional mother-in-law apartments.
  • Can Technology Reinvent How to Care for Seniors?
    As America ages, figuring out effective ways to take care of more and more seniors in their homes is a growing challenge.

  • How Baby Boomers Will Change Economy
    This burgeoning population means an increasingly lucrative market for products and services focused on the elderly.

  • Super Bowl ADs Disappoint                                                  Super Bowl commercials failed to demonstrate an understanding of how contemporary consumers think and behave.



  • Cash in with Good Design
    As trends continue for increased life expectancy and active mobility well into later life, we need a more graceful approach to ageing.

  • Octogenarians Rule Design
    Each of the "new 80-year-old" designers creates art, illustration, typography, and design that reject the stereotype of diminished capacity.

  • The New Target Demographic: Baby Boomers
    Boomers are dedtyermined to keep old age from creeping up on them— and Corporate America is listening.

  • The New Old Age
    Early lessons in how hard it is to be old—how long everything takes, how much some of it hurts, and how a caregiver must slow down.

  • Age-Restricted Market Returns
    Since the market fell out of the age-restricted housing market, older buyers taking advantage of discouonts, free upgrades and low interest rates.

  • Needs of an Aging Society
    Long-term investments in public health prevention strategies, medical care and education requires some rethinking of our social order.

  • Portable MedCottage Debut
    This portable dwelling allows families to provide care for their loved ones on their property as an alternative to long-term care facilities.

  • Senate Çommittee Explores Older Americans Act
    The Senate Special Committee on Aging conducted hearings on ways to further eldercare services by reauthorizing the Older Americans Act (OAA).

  • Make Way for the U-Boomers
    Few companies are gearing up tp meet the needs of boomers who will accouont for almost 25% of total U.S. consumption by 2015.

  • Ease-of-Use Kitchens & Baths
    Products are  moving toward easy-to-use design with an eye on aging baby boomers.

  • Remodel Now and Avoid Accessibility Problems Later
    About 80 percent of Americans age 45 and older prefer to "age in place." .
    Manufacturers and contractors are responding with new products.

  • Technology Trends Affecting Seniors and Boomers
    There is a buzz in the air about the impact of technology on aging adults today brought on by the oldest Babt Boomers turning 65.

  • Tech Savvy Baby Boomers
    There is a common misconception in our society that Baby Bomers are not interested in technoogy, or even that they are afraid of it.

  • Attractilve Products for Aging Boomers
    Universal design turns toward high design to attract Baby Boomers who want to remain in their homes as long as possible.

  • A New Age for Older People
    As the  government launches a consolidation on age discrimination, we need to make ageism just as unacceptable as racism and sexism.

  • Boomer Tech is Booming Business
    Companies dissing the Baby Boomer set by focusing on a narrow, decidedly younger swath of the market do so at their owh peril.

  • The Gold in That Silver Cloud
    Savy marketers are targeting America's growing grandparent population – a large, influential, and increasingly powerful consumer segment.
  • Design for Social Innovation?
    Can schools teach designers how to solve the world's problems? New MFA program encourages "Design for Social Innovation."
  • Grandpa's Gadgets Now in Vogue
    Upscale companies are beginning to offer "aging in place" products to boomers who care more about style than their parents did.
  • High Design for Aging Boomers
    Responding to your future needs, manufacturers have begun adding sophisticated styling to the tools of everyday life.
  • Age-Empathy Suit Comes From M.I.T.
    The M.I.T. Age Gain Now Empathy System (AGNES) helps designers and marketers better understand older adults and create products for them.
  • The Seismic Shift in U.S. Aging
    Baby boomers began turning 65 in January, heralding a seismic shift in demographics worldwide and profound implications for society.
  • It's Not Easy Being Gray
    An age-empathy suit from the M.I.T. helps product designers and marketers better understnd older adults and create innovative products for them.
  • Aging is Worth its Challenges
    Australia's Productivity Commission's recent report on aged-care highlights the choices we need to make if gains are to be realized.
  • Multigenerational Households
    Putting three generations under one roof has become a growth industry of the recession and our aging society.
  • A New Wrinkle for Boomers
    When baby-boomers entered the workforce they began to shape America's economy and politics. They're doing the same as they leave.
  • New Inclusive Playgrounds
    Playground manufacturer providing inclusive play experiences that meet all children's needs in the same place in a variety of ways.
  • Elder Tech: What's Important?
    Buying the latest cool thing for Mom and Dad is not the way to make technology work for them—fulfilling basic wants and needs is.


  • Beware the "Silver Tsunami"
    As the first of America's Baby Boom generations turn 65 in 2011, will the country be ready to meet the needs they will require?

  • Cities MullNew Options for Senior Residence
    Laneway housing and secondary suites cited as possible solutions for Vancoouver's aging demogaphic.

  • What Boomers Want for Christmas
    A Baby Boomer gets answers from financial experts to help navigate the best routes for a healthy and prosperous future.

  • Marketing to Boomers: Don't Call Us Old
    There's a reason you don't see many products marketed as "senior-friendly" or "good for boomers" – nobody woould buy them.

  • Freeing Form From Function
    Liberating design from functionalism, the microchip has given designers the chance to radically redefine objects and make them more humane.

  • Aging in Place — A Graceful Living Option for Seniors
    Communities and companies are devising ways to help older Americans work longer, and age gracefully and affordably in their own homes.

  • The iPad Leads Apple to the Elderly
    Forgiving of mistakes, the tablet's ease of use and intutive interface makes it appealing to senior citizens around the world.

  • Boomers Forgotten in Auto Design
    "Boomer" drivers, those 60 and older, want manufacturers to design vehicles that are more user-friendly for them.

  • Demographic Change / Senior Friendly Appliances
    In the future, intelligent technologies will help older people live at home as long as possible with attractive products that are easy to opperate.

  • Elderly Phone Red Dot Winner
    This Elderly Phone, tailored to the requirements of older people, uses only one function, which diminishes the risk of opperating errors.

  • New Technology for Old Age
    How do technology researchers and businesses meet the needs and expectations of aging baby boomers that demand more?

  • Moving to Music Helps Reduce Falls Among Older Adults
    Music-based multitask exercise programs may lead to improved gait, balance and a reduced rate of falling.

  • Older Drivers Need Smart Cars
    Forced to choose between safety and mobility, older drivers look to smarter cars and better designed roads the wheel longer.

  • Think Design in Four Phases
    Shared to help keep them behind ingrained habits and behaviors are almost second nature to many designers and link their ability to originate ideas and innovations.

  • Japan Designs for the Elderly
    Japanese companies cater to the needs of older consumers as the population ages and the birthrate dwindles.

  • The Graying of America: An Economic Time Bomb
    An increasing pull on heavily burdened government entitlements and heavily burdened support programs can bring down the economy.

  • Marketing to Women Baby Boomers
    A growing new marketing strategy by entrepreneurs and companies increasingly targets baby boomer women.

  • Boomers Influence Ford Designs
    With the Baby Boomer generation aging, Ford's ergonomic team is developing new designs considering ease of use, safety and comfort.

  • 'Villages' Concept Taking Off
    The explosive growth of the USA's older population is fueling a grass-roots "villages" movement in neighborhoods across the country.

  • Make Your Home Age-Friendly
    People want to stay in their homes as they age. But aging in place is difficult without thoughtful age-friendly modifications.

  • Packaging For Boomers is Hot
    As the population ages, changes in packaging requirements are becoming readily apparent.

  • Under a Generational Shadow
    Self-absorbed, self-indulged, and self loathing, the baby Boomer generation may step out of the Greatest Generations historical shadow.

  • New Revised ADA Regulations
    On July 23, 2010, Department of Justice revises ADA regulations, including its ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

  • It's Not Age, It's Cognition
    Cognitive abilities like memory and processing speed—not age— determine whether we make the best decisions.

  • How Age Friendly is Your City?
    Starting next year, 10,000 Baby Boomers a day will turn 65, yet no single model exists for making a city, suburb, or neighborhood age friendly.

  • The Looming Boomer Tsunami
    By 2050, nearly 90 million Americans will have passed age 65. As they grow in numbers, experts seek ways to handle the coming boom.

  • Toronto: An Age-Friendly City?
    Toronto will soon have as many seniors as it does children. The mayor calls for "an age-friendly city," promising to hire a seniors' advocate.

  • 'Continuing Care' Center Woes
    The 2008 financial crisis and recession reminds retirees to be careful when choosing to move into a continuing-care retirement community.

  • Playground for Seniors Opens
    London's first "seniors playground" opens after residents campaign for more facilities to help older people get fit.

  • Aging Boomers Changing the Design of Homes
    The homebuilding industry thinks that aging will be the second-biggest influence on home design in the next few years.

  • Multigenerational Homes Surge
    Fifty million Americans, including rising numbers of seniors, live in households with at least two adult generations, and often three.

  • An Old Age Home All Your Own
    Ruling out a retirement community and choosing to "age in place" is becoming increasingly popular in Westchester and elseware.

  • Texas A&M Prof's Video Earns ASLA Award
    University video series shows seniors how to create healthy, inviting outdoor environments in residential settings recognized by the ASLA.

  • The iPad Exceeds Expectations
    Packaging a promise: Four ways the new iPad meets & exceeds Baby Boomer expectations.  

  • Boomers  Cought in the Middle
    Baby Boomers born between 1952 and 1958 describe 'old' as being
    w-a-a-a-y-y-y out there in the future. Are they self-delusional?

  • Scary Aging Population Stats
    The average age of the world's population is increasing at an unprecedented rate and that smell on the horizon spells trouble.

  • Aging May be Key to Happiness
    Getting older is not all bad. Experts say many people grow happier with the years—research shows It all depends on ouor attitude.

  • Connectile Dysfunction
    Addressing the disconnect between intent and action can be a key approach for developing products for at-risk populations.

  • UC Students Innovate Walkers
    Twenty-four industrial design students from the University of Cincinnati's school of design are redesigning mmobility aids for the 21st century.

  • Design Awards Enable Aging in Place
    Homes designed to be suitable for elderly occupants, made senior-friendly when they were built, rather than trying to retrofit them.

  • Students Innovate Better Canes, Crutches and Mobility
    University of Cincinnati industrial design students have teamed with the College of Nursing to redesign items for both comfort and care.

  • Public Bathrooms Reinvented
    The New York based firm Smart Design explores Universal Design in Public Bathrooms—the first video of a two-part series.

  • Multi-generational Housing
    Multi-generational households are a burgeoning trend which is changing what buyers are looking for in a house.

  • New Aging in Place Model
    A growing nmber of neighborhood netwrks are providing the resources to help the elderly  remain independent for as long as possible.

  • Attractive and Functional
    Making a home suitable for older occupants is becoming a mainstream part of the home remodeling business.

  • Grandparents going digital
    How to help grandpa get his tech on. Some of the highest growth rates in broadband use are happening among the elderly.

  • Why is 100 the new 65?
    Why do some people live to 100? Researchers are trying to find out, and the're discovering how we might live better—not just longer—lives.

  • A Coming Elder Revolution?
    The implications of an aging world viewed with alarm. When 10,000 people a day reach retirement age, how will society support them?

  • Help for "The New Old Age
    Easier E-mail for the older generation. An e-mail system that no senior can resist: no logins or links, no ad boxes or news flashes.

  • Student Designs Escalator Accessible to All
    Press a button to make escalator stairs move together to form a platform for weelchair users and people carrying bulky loads.

  • An Aware Car for Boomers  
    Your next vehicle might automatically check your pulse, help with steering—and tell yoou to put down our cellphone.

  • Making Suburbia More Livable 
    Here's how towns are beginning to 'retrofit' their neighborhoods—and what your community might look like in the future.

  • Hanging on at Home
    Society answers the single most fundamental question about retirement: Where will people live as they grow old?


  • Go With the Flo.
    Arizona State University's College of Design students and faculty recognized for their transgenerational toilet design concept.

  • Expanding Our Impact
    We've joined the advisory team of AIPatHome.com, specialists in age-in-place technologies, universal design homes and product education.

  • Cell Phones for Seniors
    View a movie about a new cell phone designed for active seniors complete with big buttons and handy speed dials.

  • Play to Stay
    ! is the first-of-its-kind card game specially designed to reduce the risk of dimentia.

  • Grandma's in the House
    Millions of families have three or more generations living under one roof. This AARP article explains the many advantages of transgenerational design.

  • Publish or Perish
    View our kitchen and bath designs in the new book, Universal Design Ideas for Style, Comfort & Safety, by Mary Green.



  • We were a featured speaker at Living Rooms, a collaborative conference cosponsored by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and the Industrial Designers Society of America, May 1-2, 2007 at ASAE Headquarters, Washington, DC.


  • We were the closing key-note speaker at the 2006 WithIt Education Conference, "Women in Business:Strategies for Success." Our presentation explored the relation between future life stage trends and the transgenerational house. The annual three-day event was held at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel in Charlotte, NC.
  • Dwell. Quoted about transgenerational design in the article "Rethinking Senior Housing " by Amara Holstein. April, 2006.


  • We were selected as an example of "The Power to Expand the Market"inthe epilogue of the new book, "The Design of Things to Come: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Products." by Craig M. Vogel; Jonathan Cagan, Ph.D.; and Peter Boatwright, Ph.D. Wharton School Publishing, 2005.
  • USA Today. Quoted about transgenerational design in the article "2046: A Boomer Odyssey" by Marco R. della Cava. October 27, 2005.
  • Ehrenman, Gayle 2005. "Fly the Grayer Skies." A featured article about Boeing looking for ways to meet the changing needs of Baby Boomers. April 2003.Mechanical Engineering, March 2005. New York: American Society of Mecanical Engineers.


  • Metropolis. Interviewed by Martin C. Peterson for "Progress Report: Metropolis checks in with universal design pioneers to see where the movement is now," pp 30-36. December 2004,
  • Jacobs, Brian 2004. "Desgn on Time," The Examiner, July 3, 2004,
  • We were interviewed by TheMatureMarket.com for the December 13, 2004 article, "The Mature Market: Seniors & Baby boomers Markets World Wide," and which appears on its web site.


  • Our Transgenerational House project was featured in a 7-page article published in the September/October 2003 issue of AARP The Magazine, read by over 30 million aging Americans.
  • New York Times. Interviewed in an article by Yanick Rice Lamb about the best products that can be used by most people. October 14, 1993.


  • Public Broadcasting System (PBS). We were interviewed on Marketplace® by Jo Giese about transgenerational accommodation for Baby Boomers and beyond.
  • Mature Focus Radio, a national Mutual Radio production of AARP, interviewed us about transgenerational design for transportation.


  • We delivered the lecture, "Transgenerational Design: at the Heart of It All," at the Universal Design International Symposium sponsored by theTokyo Gas Company, Ltd and the Living Design Center Co, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan, February 8, 2001.


  • We presented, "The Transgenerational House: A Case Study in Accessible Design and Construction," at Designing for the 21st Century: An International Conference on Universal Design. Providence, RI, June 14-18, 2000.
  • National Public Radio. We we were an invited guest onTalk of the Nation,® hosted by Ray Suarez, a one-hour program discussing Ageless Design.

  • Albuquerque, NM. We were an invited guest discussing “Designing our Lives for an Aging Population”on KANW Public Radio's half-hour program hosted by Georgia Armijo.

  • Our interview about transgenerational design appeared in Executive Memo, Marriott Corporation's monthly newsletter to 18,000 hospital, college and business executives.

  • National Public Radio. We were interviewed by Bob Edwards on "Morning Edition" discussing transgenerational design and its impact on automobile design.

  • Interviewed for “America Comes of Age,” a 7000-word special report in Bristol-Myers Annual Report.

  • We were quoted by The Wall Street Journal in the article “Best designs for elderly appeal to young” by John Peterson.

  • U.S. News and World Report reported our student's projects in the article “Small gadgets that can change lives.”


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