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'Transgenerational' Kitchen Accommodation...


A transgenerational kitchen emphasizes low effort while serving body mechanics.

It features multiple height work surfaces, which accommodate people of all sizes – including those in wheelchairs.

A rolling trolley, designed to lock into the finger-tip edge of the countertops, permits the user to configure the work surfaces as desired.

The base cabinet at the sink is easily modified should clear knee space for a wheelchair use be needed.

The resilient cork floor eases the pain of standing for long periods.



Transgenerational KitchenDesign by James J. Pirkl, FIDSA — Photo by Rodolphe Foucher

Shouldn't all kitchens be designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities — like this one?

Check out these cutting-edge common-sense transgenerational features:

  • Resilient cork floor
  • Solid-surface counter tops with built-in double sink
  • Multi-level counter tops and work surfaces
  • Raised cabinets with 10" kick space
  • Convenient 18' refrigerator/sink/cooktop work triangle
  • Pull-out shelves and "file-drawer" storage units
  • Pop-up range vent
  • Removable under-sink cabinet for wheelchair accessibility
  • Serving counter with bar sink
  • Horizontal, pull-out dish storage drawers
  • Level no-step thresholds
  • Convenient height convection, microwave, and warming ovens
  • Swing around, pull-out corner cabinet storage
  • Counter balanced oven door
  • Finger tip adjustable window blinds
  • Raised dishwasher
  • Internet, entertainment and communication systems
  • Automatic cooktop vent rises from counter
  • Multiple 5'-0" diameter clear wheelchair turning areas
  • Crank-operated windows


Examine our DESIGN GUIDELINESbefore making those important design  decisions.

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