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Our new CD contains essential information that helps design students and professionals develop effective 'transgenerational' products and environments.




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  1. Title slide
  2. Why use these charts
  3. Vision / clarity, field of vision
  4. Vision / focus
  5. Vision / visual threshold
  6. Vision / color
  7. Hearing / volume & pitch
  8. Hearing / discrimination
  9. Hearing / directional hearing
10. Hearing / auditory masking
11. Touch / tactile, pressure
12. Movement / small motor
13. Movement / intermediate
14. Movement / large motor
15. Movement / combination
16. Spatial orientation
17. Anthropometry
18. Generic Design Guideline

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Decisions made on the basis of erroneous assumptions or myths about age or ability reduce the acceptance and effectiveness of a product for all. Our CD helps you make the RIGHT decisions!

Sample Chart

Reduced preview of sample chart.


  • provides designers with the essential information needed to accommodate the aging process.
  • identifies those key physiological changes and common decrements that occur in vision, hearing, touch, or movement.
  • describes the ensuing physical change, functional effect, resulting problem.
  • delivers the required design guidelines and strategies that solve each accommodation problem.


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